August 13th

I can hardly believe the news, but Amos and I are going to have a baby!!
I am almost eleven weeks and due on August 13th.  I decided to keep a blog about my pregnancy so that my lovely friends & family in other states can keep up with what's going on with us during this awesome, heartburn-riddled time.

So far I've just been a little nauseated at night, really really REALLY tired, and yes, I have to go to the ladies' room quite a bit.  Normal pregnancy stuff I guess!

We go back to the doctor on February 13th, where we will definitely hear the heartbeat, probably get a sonogram, and maybe even find out the sex!  I am so super pumped.  I want a girl, Amos doesn't care, and my friend Leah thinks it's a boy; but for now, we're calling it Trogdor.

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One thought on “August 13th

  1. Ok, so I haven't completely lost my mind. :DCongratulations, you two!! I'm glad to hear you aren't feeling very sick and I hope it stays that way. Have a happy & healthy pregnancy, and I will be sure to check in on you. 🙂

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