Official Preggo Craving #1

So far I haven't really been craving anything all the time, nonstop, gotta-have-it-wake-up -Amos-to-go-get-it…
But then I realized I created a new breakfast that I can't get enough of.

This is a break-down of the breakfast.  It has to include:

1.  a bagel, preferably an everything bagel
2.  nuefchatel cheese (not cream cheese!)
3.  smoked turkey kielbasa

It also usually includes whatever Amos had already started making before I woke up and realized that his breakfast wasn't going to be enough!!  I know it sounds crazy, but you have to try all of it together.  It is freaking delicious!  I'm all stocked up on bagels, sausage, & cheese for tomorrow.  ❤

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One thought on “Official Preggo Craving #1

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