Eleven Weeks…ugggghhhhhh

Time is dragging its ass!!

For some reason this month has felt like forever.  I know I'm starting to grow a little; my center of gravity is shifting, which kind of hurts my back a bit, and Amos even said that I look rounder around there.  So far I have only gained about 4 to 8 pounds since conception (I'm not exactly sure what I weighed then).  That is pretty good for this far.  I have been eating like bananas, whatever I want (which has so far been mostly healthy things, with an occasional sweet or basket of nachos thrown in), but I've found that I can't have as much per meal that I used to.  I never finish my plate except at breakfast, when I'm eating off a salad plate.  Not that I'm complaining!  ❤

On a sweeter note, I started knitting baby things.  I got a baby pattern book called Itty Bitty Nursery that has some seriously ADORABLE things in it.  A lot of that stuff is clearly what other people would knit to give as gifts, using really expensive yarn that's silk or alpaca (which is to yarn what Blue Mountain is to coffee).  I will probably adapt some of the patterns to use more washable yarn, but I am definitely making some of it because it is just too cute not to make!

The one project I've finished is a simple bib. This is made from cotton yarn, totally washable, and is fairly huge for a bib, probably spanning arm to arm until the baby is like 12 months old.  I didn't have a pattern; I mean, what's to a bib really?  It's a square with one string that fastens somehow, right?  So here's my gender-nuetral bib, yellow and green and white again (it's still cute though).

This only took about 3 hours.  I am definitely going to be spending lots of time making more of these, as the total cost was probably under $1 for the yarn and button (both bought in bigger packs, both only a fraction of the total and thereby a fraction of the cost).  These would be a good baby gift as well — handmade but practical.

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