Baby Stuff is Hilarious.

I'm at 12 weeks, just 2 more weeks until it's the fourth month.  I go to the doctor again 2 weeks from Wednesday, the day before Valentine's, to hear the heartbeat and (hopefully, keep your fingers crossed!!!!) do a sonogram.  Did you know that a sonogram and an ultrasound are the same thing?  I totally didn't until last night.  DUH!

Yesterday Leah, Carrie, & I hit up the mall in Syracuse, which is pretty big, almost as big as the Galleria.  I didn't spend that much, but got a really pretty black maternity dress, a few hooded sweatshirts that are baggy enough to accommadate even an 8 or 9 month belly, and a hilarious looking cream baby snowsuit thing.  Seriously, look at it!!  The baby is just going to be sliding around in that thing with only its tiny face peeking out.  It was on sale for $10, marked down from $30, and the ladies who know about babies + winter assured me that it would be necessary a few times over the season, particularly when it gets below about 20 degrees.  But come on…can you imagine how funny the baby is going to look in that thing??  I mean, it has a CROTCH ZIPPER.  That shizz is hilarious!!!!

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One thought on “Baby Stuff is Hilarious.

  1. And depending on how old the baby is when he/she wears it, if newborn, it’s little legs will be pulled up in the middle of the “coat”. 🙂 I guess that will leave you room to throw a few spare diapers in the bottom, then it can double as a diaper bag?!

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