Baby Stuff Doesn’t Have to be Pastel

I was looking for a day planner last night online at one of

my fave sites to shop,, and stumbled upon probably the best baby thing I have bought myself so far.  It is this adorable baby book called The First 1000 Days, and it's done by illustrator Nikki McClure.

The artwork inside the book is just amazing.  I have been a fan of her work for years now, and I was so thrilled to see that she has been producing so many baby and toddler things after the birth of her own son.  I also like how this book is set up; it seems that she has added pages for cute and unusual firsts, like the first time we went on a picnic together as well as first word, first tooth, etc.

Below are a few more images, just so you can see some of the gorgeous pages inside the book. 
Oh, and I also bought a dayplanner.  ❤

First 1000 inside lookFirst 1000 inside lookFirst 1000 inside lookFirst 1000 back cover

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3 thoughts on “Baby Stuff Doesn’t Have to be Pastel

  1. Um. So did I know you were pregnant and just forget? 😀 I would say congratulations but I'm afraid I'll go back and read your old posts only to find a comment from me saying that very thing. :DSee what having kids does to your memory??? 😉

  2. LOL, no, you didn't know! I've only just come on here and starting talking about it openly online, so you are good, and I will accept your congrats! =)It's good to talk to you, it's been ages!!

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