Dayplanners…Things on my Mind

Today, as I guilt-tripped Amos into coming with me to grocery shop, I realized how busy we really are these days.  I mean, check out these schedules:

Amos works Monday & Friday 8 to 5, and Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 8 to 7.
I work Tuesday-Saturday 10.30 to 4, and Friday & Saturday nights 5.30 to 9-ish.

Add to that sporadic product photoshoots for me, usually late at night, whenever I have a Villager package, plus the extra work that just comes up when you're a professor.  That translates into me being off when he's at work and him being off when I'm at work, all week long, except Sunday.  Sunday we both have off together.  Sunday, for us these days, equals sleep.

Sad to say, though, we have been busier.  For a while in college I had two jobs and went to school full time, while Amos was a grad student, did research, and taught a couple of lower-level courses.  We did all that and still managed to graduate with, in his case, 2 post-baccalaureate degrees, and, in my case, honors (not to mention that we were still somehow going strong as a couple).

Sometimes now it's hard to imagine that we are going to be even more preoccupied in just a few months.  I come in from work soooo tiiiiirrred, which I know has a lot to do with being pregnant, and barely get my shoes off before I sit or lay down for a while until Amos gets home, then we do things like grocery shop so we can spend a little time together before he gets back to work and I head off to bed. 

But don't misunderstand me; I'm really not complaining, although I am a little sick and tired of being…well, sick and tired (pregnancy jokes are still funny!).  I'm just kind of amazed at how busy we've made ourselves, and how we've been a great couple even though we both have worked seemingly nonstop since we met.  Even today, in the bit of time between me finishing the opening tasks at the restaurant and me flipping the open sign, I was daydreaming about getting a Master's or maybe learning how to write web code so I could have my own product-photo website, or maybe writing a book on…something.  Something Jane Austen, maybe, or something about…something.

I guess I was a little surprised that I was exhausted, barely seeing my husband, never calling friends, but still wanted another huge project.  Maybe that's part of why Amos and I are so good together.  But I guess most of the people I'm close with are the same way; we never stop being students, or parents, or business owners, or teachers.  And, like a good friend pointed out today, maybe I should get through the pregnancy & first year or so of parenthood without piling a Master's and a novel on top.

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