Official Craving of the Moment

In the past shephard's pie or a sausage & bagel breakfast

would hold me, but I've moved on to bigger and better  cravings.  A couple of nights ago I was almost in tears because there isn't a Sonic around here, and no Sonic means no watermelon slush.  I think I would have driven to Syracuse if I could've gotten a slush from Sonic.  I found a suitable replacement at Mojo'z, a coffee shop right around the corner from my apartment  (the proximity makes this option even sweeter).  I am about to head over there for another one!  Yes, I know it's 9 am, but I gotta have one!

In other news, the gorgeous rattle I ordered came in yesterday!  It is so adorable and so so sweet.  I have also made another bib, and while I'm still working on the cardigan, I'm knitting a new thing called a blanket buddy.  Yeah it's a weird name, but I'll post a photo when I'm done, and it will all make sense then.

Until then I'm going to take a quick bath so I can get another one of those delicious slushies.

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