Shopping Crazy

Last week, as I was changing out of work clothes into more fun clothes, I realized that I was pants-less.  As in, all my pants are just snug enough to leave a red mark on my waist/hips.  This was no good for two reasons; first of all, it kind of hurt after a while, and secondly it only added to my already exaggerated need to visit the ladies' room.  So, on Saturday between my waitressing & hostessing shifts, I went a little bananas at Motherhood Maternity.  Our store location is about the size of a nursery, appropriately I guess, but I managed to stay in there for over an hour trying on anything that caught my eye & figuring out more about nursing bras & nipple leakage pads (just typing that is gross!). 

I walked out with an adorable pink ruffle-front blouse with small black polka dots, a warm purple & gray print dress, agreen dress I probably dropped too much $$ on (pictured), pregnancy black opaque tights, and a black cardigan.  It was so much fun to try on clothes that fit my changing body so much.  There was even this fake bump in the dressing room,  I guess so you can predict  how these pants will fit when you're ginormous, but let me tell you it was nothing like a real bump.  It was kind of triangular, and though I might be new to all this preggo stuff I know baby bumps are not triangular.  I finished off my shopping trip at Target, where I got some black pants on sale and a regular sundress that I love and that should fit when I'm pretty pregnant.  Either way it's super cute.

Amos and I went to this goofy store last night called Whimsadoodles or something equally sugar-coated.  It was fun looking at baby stuff with him; mostly I've been shopping alone, because of his crazy work schedule.  We got another adorable rattle and a huge, bright turquoise Sock Monkey that I kind of want for myself.  This kid isn't even fully formed but super spoiled 😉

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One thought on “Shopping Crazy

  1. That dress is adorable! I was fortunate to get maternity hand-me-downs from a couple stylish friends. LOL I hated spending the money on maternity clothes, and these two friends had great wardrobes of maternity clothes. It worked out really well. Until I had the baby and realized my pregnant wardrobe was so much better than my non-pregnant one. 😀

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