Big Baby Purchase

Amos and I had a nice, leisurely Sunday yesterday.  We slept in, made coffee at home, then went to this awesome diner, the Creekside Cafe, that serves the best pancakes up here.  I got pigs in a blanket, which was actually

sausages rolled up in pancakes, and it was delicious.  After that we went to Toys R Us, which I think was the first time for both of us (at least in the last decade).  Armed with my Baby Bargains book, Amos and I decided to buy a stroller.  We tried out all the test models in the store, folding and unfolding, driving them around, pretending to put them in the car…we looked bananas, I bet.  But our "user testing" plus the reviews in the book we decided on the Graco Quattro Tour stroller. 

Not only was this stroller the absolute easiest to fold up & down, but it's pretty stylish with its chocolate brown & pale green detailing.  Both Amos and I will look cool driving this buggy around town.  There's a separate container for "parents' stuff" (that hanging thing from the handlebars), a couple of cup holders, a tray for baby's stuff (cheerios I guess?).  The wheels all lock, there's a bonnet with a moon roof, and the seat goes from the sitting-up position in the picture to fully reclined.   Basically, this thing had more options that our car.

We also picked up a little umbrella stroller for those quick trips around the green.  It's cute too, has lots of fun bright animals on it.  That one didn't require the Baby Bargains book 😉

Oh also, I'm 16 weeks today!  That's four and a half months for you laymen out there.  I wore my favorite gray cords yesterday, and they just fit under the bump.  Pretty soon I'll be ready for photos…right now it still just feels like my stomach, not so much a baby bump, so I'm going to give it another few weeks before I photograph, I think.

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