Buying for Baby

Since a lot of people have been asking, I made a baby registry.  Well, at least I got a good start on one.  I'm set up at, which is convenient for both Amos & I plus anyone who wants to get a baby gift, since they will ship it to us (or maybe we can pick it up at the store here?).  I chose items based on what we like, but more on safety ratings & other parent reviews.  The car seat is so expensive I want to cry a little…but it has excellent ratings and goes from infant seat up to 45 lbs.  Babies are expensive!

Amos and I have also picked out a crib & changing table, the only two pieces of furniture that we are going to buy.  We have a dresser already that was Amos's when he was little, and he is going to reinforce & repaint it this summer.  This is the crib we have chosen; simple, uncomplicated, and white.  It's a convertible too.  I'm not sure about changing tables, but I'm thinking of going with this one from Target.  I don't really mind that the styles do not match; after all, how long really will we use a changing table? 

In other news, I was wrong about the sonogram date, it's one day earlier!  So on Wednesday we find out.  I can absolutely not wait.  I have been feeling pretty good, just kind of crampy and bachache-y.  My heating pad and I are besties now, lol. 

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2 thoughts on “Buying for Baby

  1. Whenever you want is fine. We've been working on the house, moving things around and generally getting some of the heavy, not-as-fun-as-decorating stuff out of the way, so whenever you want is fine. ❤

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