Yay! My Baby has Ovaries!!!!!

The verdict is in, and the judge ruled in my favor. 
It's a girl!!!
A very active girl, with long fingers according to the technician.  She was moving all around, opening & closing her mouth, waving her hands around…it was so adorable.  I might have cried just a little bit.
Check out the bottom right picture – she is sucking her thumb!

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4 thoughts on “Yay! My Baby has Ovaries!!!!!

  1. Woohoo!Really exiting times…
    Congratulations!!! And she looks already good in pictures :-DMy girl is 5 years old now, and I must admit I really wanted a girl ^__^ My girl never cooperated with the ultrasounds so we only found out the last time, before it got too big to see it, that it was a she 😀 I was really happy but also so disappointed at the same time as I was so sure it was going to be a boy! Thank god she cooperated that time as I can't imagine how dual the feeling would have been when she was born (ok I'm having troubles with all the tenses now)

  2. Thanks Kelly! I know, I was a handful & I'm sure she will be!! LOLI thought I was having a boy too, Peggy, even though I wanted a girl. I was afraid that I would be upset, so thankfully I don't have to worry about it. We got a good shot of her from the booty up, like she was sitting on glass, and the technician said, " There are her legs…and nothing's in between!" I almost died, I was so happy!

  3. Laura,
    I am so excited… I already bought two dresses, and I am going to go through the trunk today. I will send you the blanket that you (and I) came home from the hospital in…I also still have the dress you came home in. It is Feltman Bros. and is really pretty. She is going to be one fantastic female!

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