20 Weeks

Ever since I found out that we are having a Hazel and not a William I feel like my brain's been hijacked.  I feel like I'm really pregnant now.  Not to mention I have kind of popped out in the last few weeks…I feel like I just looked down one day and there was this belly that no amount of sucking-in can do away with.  It's getting harder to work, to be on my feet for so long and really to pay that much attention to people, but I definitely want to stick it out until the end of May.  The last trimester I am reserving for momma & baby time, to just put together the nursery & get everything ready for her arrival. 

Amos and I had some fun this weekend!  It's kind of rare, since I work a double on Friday and Saturday and he is always working, even when he's at home.  Saturday I got a break from work, and we went to dinner at Nola's then shopped around for baby clothes together.  We picked out some cutie pie things for Hazel.  Yesterday we went to the best brunch buffet I have ever visited in my life at the casino here with Carrie, Andy, Emma & their families.  Seriously, it was a pregnant woman's dream.  Almost no breakfast food — but pizza, corn dogs, salads, seafood, Chinese food, a carving station, pasta, desserts…it was like my biggest fantasy come true!!! 

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