Today marks week 22, about a month away from trimester three, and it has been a super busy past week!  We were so crowded at the restaurant I almost wanted it to be buffet style.  For a while I have felt like I'm just slower, I can't hustle as fast as I used to, and the last few days of work certainly put that to the test.  On Sunday Nola's participated in the Epicurean Delight, which is a fundraiser for Hospice care.  Different restaurants set up a table with various food, and people pay a $40 donation to come in, enjoy the food, and sign up for a raffle.  We got to dress up, which was fun and different from our normal all black ensembles.  Funnily enough, almost all of us wore black dresses anyway!  Since I only have about two nice dresses that still fit, I bought a gorgeous pair of gray suade BCBG wedges.  Still, even though I was only there for about 4 hours, standing up in heels for that long plus the couple of hard work days beforehand equaled a 7.30 bedtime for me.  Oh yes.  Seven.  Thirty.

Yesterday I spent doing fun baby stuff.  We received an adorable changing table from my parents this weekend, which Amos put together on Sunday while I was working.  Yesterday I got a box from my mom that included some Auburn outfits, new cute outfits, and sweet outfits that I wore as a baby, including my going-home outfit and the blanket that both my mom and I came home in from the hospital.  I washed everything, including the things I have bought, in Dreft (it was $9 for one f@%$ing bottle!!!!!!!) and this morning folded and put everything on the changing table.  It is starting to look like a baby girl lives here!!! 

This morning while I was being all domestic I started thinking about what I'll do when I quit my job at the end of May.  Shockingly, I realized that I am looking forward to that time.  I never thought that I would want to stay at home with my baby…but this is what feminism is really about, the freedom to choose.

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One thought on “Rambles

  1. Knowing from experience of being both a working mom and a stay at home, going to school mom….you are gonna be happy you are staying at home.

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