Louel Boutique

As of June or so, I will not be working at the restaurant anymore.  I've been planning to stay at home with the baby and focus more on photography, which I have kind of taken a break from recently.  In that spirit, I landed a new client this past week!  I'll be helping Lauren, owner of the Louel Boutique here in Clinton, by taking all her product/misc photos for her new website, promo material, and other misc uses.  She is an adorable, gorgeous, sweet person, and I cannot wait to work with her.

We did a test shoot last Sunday, just to try some things out and see how we work together.  For the splash pages on her website she wants this kind of natural, dreamy photos of women wearing the clothing she sells, so for the test shoot she modeled for me.  She is a model herself, so the photos turned out pretty well.  Here are a couple of my favorites, and you can expect a lot more in the days to come.

(Bonus news — a digital SLR, specifically a Nikon D40 or D80, is in the works for me!! *freakout.a.thon*)

I love these photos – she is a gorgeous model, and we captured the dreaminess that she wanted in these particular photos.  I love how she made herself part of the scene, instead of a model in the woods.  I am going to love working with her, I can already tell!!

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