New Camera Action

A few shots with the new camera…nothing fancy, just walking around seeing what I can see.  This is the first camera where the auto setting is actually worth using 😉

This type of tree is one of my favorites.  I remember playing in my friend's yard as a kid in Auburn, always climbing this tree to smell the blossoms.  I don't even know what kind of tree it is.

A crow walking around the steps of the gazebo in the park.

My goofy husband being a rather unwilling model.

We were in the park to play backgammon.  We have been keeping score for about two or three years now.  He has more single gammons but I've won more triple gammons — I live on the edge!

And Amos holding the pair of crib shoes I bought to bring Hazel home from the hospital.  One of the crafty websites I visit,, is having a little photo contest about what inspires you, so I took this photo as my entry.  

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