End of Travels and (almost) Work

So the fam is back in Bama today.  We took Momma and Josh to the airport this morning after eating sausage links and thick waffles at a diner close to the airport.  Despite the 40 degree temperatures and rainy, overcast, lame skies, we had a pretty good relaxing time.  We shopped, walked, ate out, and vegged out while watching movies.  Overall, good times, just more low-key than I'm used to.  I think that worked for them too though.  Can you tell that I'm still really tired, lol?  I feel exhausted!!

In other news, I am getting close to the end of my serving career at Nola's.  This weekend it's business as usual, since the college in our little village has graduation on Sunday.  Next week, however, I'll be working with someone everyday instead of being the only waitress, and the week after that I'll have two shifts a week max with two shifts as a hostess that will continue probably up until the baby is born.  Part of me is looking forward to the extra time.  I have a list of huge projects that I want to finish before she arrives, including chores like cleaning out closets and fun stuff like finishing up the felt book I'm making for her.   Also, lately my feet have had some pretty bad pains (real pains, not the typical aching and soreness that most people mean when they say foot pain) all the time, not just after work, so hopefully that will let up too.  On the other hand, I'm generally less happy when I'm not working.  Granted, I'll still be doing product photos, and housework, and all the other assorted little things I do, but I like to be busy.  Frantic, almost.  Honestly!  I suspect that my listlessness and purposelessness will fade somewhat after Hazel's here, just because my activity level will probably jump back up to "frantic."  I guess I'm just having some conflict over being a SAHM (really Work AHM, since I have always and will always do photos) that still needs some more exploration.

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