The 32nd Week

Today was a good day for almost the entire time.  Amos and I both woke up early (I had a hard time getting to sleep last night for the first time in approximately 8 months!) and decided to hit up our farm early too.  We have a share in a community farm, meaning that back in March or something we paid a certain amount to this farm, and all during the 

growing season we get to pick up our "share" of the veggies once a week.  It's a really cool deal and works out to be way cheaper than grocery shopping every week for fresh, organic, pesticide-free vegetables, plus I kind of like the element of surprise in selection.  So anyway, we decided to head down there early and then take a picnic brunch to this lake we discovered down that way a couple of weeks ago.  We had a nice, relaxing time chilling lakeside, eating turkey sandwiches and vegetable chips, listening to the water.  It was surprisingly quiet considering its proximity to the road.  I was reminded of my grandparents' farm, and got a little homesick.

Later, in the afternoon, we had our first sewing lesson.  For my birthday this past May Amos bought us a sewing machine and signed the two of us up for a couple of lessons at our local fabric store.  Today we basically learned about our machine, the notions & tools that complement the sewing machine, and how to do a few basic stitches and a buttonhole.  It was only the two of us and one other girl close to our age, so we all communicated well and had the same types of questions.  I bought some "cheater" fabric – you know, the kind that is smocked at the top and has a print below, so all you have to do is measure off enough to go around your bust, make a seam all the way down, and you have a dress – for my first official, follow-all-the-rules project.  I'm going to practice making a long, straight seam, plus get a maternity/nursing dress out of it for $10.  Plus the fabric is pretty adorable.

Also, this week we're going to Cleveland!!  The only thing I love more than road trips are impromptu road trips, and since we just started talking about this on Thursday I'd say it counts as impromptu!  We are going to meet Amos's dad, brother, and sister (Nancy unfortunately can't come) in Cleveland for about four days.  I haven't visited the city, just flown or driven through, so this should be fun.  

Unfortunately the day stopped being awesome and fun after all that.  I'm not going into detail, but suffice it to say that I am glad to be getting away for a couple of days, to get rid of all the catty feelings and adopt a more laissez faire attitude.

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