Ramblin’ (wo)Man

That title looks like a mathmatical equation for good music.

Speaking of good music, I have been rediscovering much-loved tunes from years past.  Specifically, I've been crawling out of the symphonic indie-hole I've been wallowing in for the past 6 months or so and listening to gritty, passionate rock again.  Butchies, old Sonic Youth, Ozzy, Bikini Kill, even some Charlie Daniels and Hank Williams thrown in.  Seriously, where did I lose this stuff along the way?

PS  - I am making a great covers CD, so if you have any suggestions please let a girl know.  

Along with great music comes profound thoughts, am I right?  I've been contemplating the complexities of adult friendship and expectations.  Now that I'm not in school, and there is a derth of feminist culture here, it's been harder and harder to meet people.  I expect the birth of my wonder-child Hazel will open up a few doors, but I kind of suspect I'll find mostly Stepford wannabes back there, so I might leave them shut.  Or half-open.  Nightmares, you know.  

Related to that I've realized that my duplicitous father actually taught me a great lesson:  you can only be disappointed by people if you expect them to act differently than they already act.  You can't give Artemis an arrow and ask her not to hunt; she's a huntress, that's what she does.  You can only be upset if you expected her not to.  People don't normally go against the personality grain, so the best thing is to let them be and not get bogged down in someone else's insecurity blanket.

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