Hazel’s Space

We have finally gotten everything set up for the baby.  It feels wonderful to have all the necessary things in place!

I am very happy with how things look in here!  The only addition I'm considering is a rug…but we'll see.  Notice the lack of cartoon characters, obnoxious prints, and overt commercialism.  This area makes me feel peaceful and I hope it has the same calming effect on our daughter.  The small frames on the wall behind her crib are photos of family.  I'm going to add a few more of grandparents, aunts, and uncles in the next week or two; I love the hodge-podge feel of the different frames so closely hung together.

These lily woodcuts were made by Amos's maternal grandfather Barney.  He gave them to me this past May when I visited St. Louis for my baby shower.  

This burp cloth was embroidered especially for our little sweetie by her Aunt Lesley!  Right now it's hanging over the changing table more as a decoration.  We've gotten a couple of things like this that are so pretty I'm not sure I want to use them!

This toy bag hangs off the changing table for some convenient and pretty okay looking storage.  I knit this based on a stretchy reuseable market bag pattern that I've knit a hundred times, so I thought making alterations for this project would be easy.  If I were to do it again I would make the top less stretchy – see how the buttons look like they are going to go flying off any second now? – but it is actually quite sturdy and gets the job done for now.

This was my (early) anniversary present to Amos.  I had the two pieces of our wedding invitation framed with the print blocks used to make them bracketing the whole thing.  For the first time ever I chose an Italian hand-finished frame; the expense made my knees quiver a bit, but this is another item that will definitely be passed down through the family.  It makes me happy to create these heirloom pieces for our daughter.

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