Knitting VENT!!!

Like most knitters I've got yarn in my stash that I bought because it was cheap, or I loved it, but had no idea what to do with it.  I had four skeins or so, two being a black and white variegated and the others being electric blue and black variegated.  I've been wanting to use it, so when I found this pattern for a circular baby blanket I thought this is great!  I can make this blanket & give it to this couple I know who's having a baby boy right around when I am.  

So I make the whole damn thing.  It takes a few days, mainly because it was my first experience with DPNs and it took a while to get started.  I went from 5 stitches on the DPNs to like 200 on the circular needles!!  The only problem was I cast off a little too tightly.  Since the blanket was a circle, that meant it wouldn't lay flat, but had a slightly curled edge.  After spending almost 2 hours this morning trying to work on it, unraveling the finished blanket to pick up stitches and rework the end border, I finally just gave up that threw that piece of s$#* in the trash.

What did this experience teach me?
1.  I hate baby blankets.
2.  I hate DPNs.


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