New Product Photos – Santa Fe Stoneworks

We featured these knives at the Villager for the first time shortly before Amos and I moved to New York.  I love the detail put into every facet of the construction.  The handles are smooth and balanced, with the blade being every bit as beautiful.  I'm hoping to get a pocket knife of this style for my grandpa for Christmas.

This is probably my favorite handle style.  It really is that golden color with green shot through, and on the side like this you can see all the layers of green in the handle.  I chose a golden background to match the honey color of the wood.

This is a close-up of the marble handle of a wine opener.  The intricate pattern of the marble is truly breathtaking, and I used this textured green paper background to highlight all the earth tones of the stone.

This knife features Damascus steel, which is pressed over and over to create this pattern and a very strong blade.  I photographed this knife using some day-old bread we had from Amos's recent baking spree.

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