Baby Update!

I had another check-up today.  I'm going once a week now, and these visits are picking up in exciting news.  For months it's been like a revolving door with me; seriously, I'm in and out in the span of 15 minutes.  Now I go and we get to check on all this exciting stuff, seeing where she's at and having her kick at the nurses' hands!

Unfortunately I don't have any excitement from this visit, though.  My cervix is soft, but closed, and the baby's still at station -5.  For those of you who don't know, and really who knows about that except preggo's or women who have had kids, station refers to where the baby's head is in relation to my bony pelvis.  The scale goes from -5 being at the very top, to 0 when labor usually starts, to 5, which is when the baby's head crowns right before she's born.  The good news is I get another ultrasound on Monday!!  The doctor wants to check on her size and get a more accurate feel for how low she is.  The OB said she was sure the baby isn't really big, maybe around 6 lbs., but wants to get a better idea.  I personally feel that she's a little small, and of course I'm worried that being a smoker before I knew I was pregnant is affecting her, even though the doctor assured me that's not the case.  I can't help but worry just a bit though!

The good side to being so far away from labor still is that I'm cleared for travel!  Our first anniversary is coming up quickly on July 28th.  I can't believe we will have been married for a year already.  I love Amos and am so excited that we can celebrate our anniversary with something special instead of just staying at home!!  We are planning to spend a weekend in Ithaca, home to Cornell and, I've heard, tons of other awesome stuff.  There are a bunch of cool restaurants and shops on their visitor's website, so I am really looking forward to a change of scenery.  Especially if it involves delicious food and kitschy merchandise!!  :D

I have been doing quite a bit in the business and DIY arenas, also.  I'm not quite ready to talk shop just yet, but expect an update/new post by tomorrow to show off a couple of new crafty things for the baby.

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One thought on “Baby Update!

  1. I cannot believe how close you're getting!! And don't put too much stock into those checkups. Once you do start to dilate you can stay at 2cm for an insane amount of time. Or you can go from 0 to 60 in no time flat. :DHappy early anniversary!

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