Saturday Baking

Amos is on a roll (haha, get it?!?!). 

All this kid wants to do is bake bread.  This recipe is the same as the one we use for pizza crust except he chilled everything; the flour/salt went into the fridge and he used ice water instead of room temperature.  This bread is only flour, salt, and water, with some poppy seeds on these particular baguettes, and it is seriously delicious.  The baguette on top is shaped like a wheat chaff, and there's a slice cut so you can see the airy crumb.

And the piece de resistance, cinnamon buns!!  Amos asked me late Friday night what kind of bread I would prefer, and apparently I mumbled "dessert bread" before falling asleep, so this hottie made cinnamon buns the next day.  Inside is a cinnamon, sugar, and pecan streusel, and on top is a thinner fondant.  We didn't put much icing on because that's how we like it, and I think the little drizzle is pretty.

In other news, I think the baby has dropped a bit!  I've noticed a gradual change, particularly a pressure lower down instead of up inside my ribs, and I can feel her booty down lower instead of her normal position.  Amos today kept commenting on how different my bump looks.  Tomorrow we can get some confirmation via ultrasound, exciting!!

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