Baby Update — Updated!!

This week I've had an ultrasound and been to the doctor, which has left me with all kinds of new info about our Miss Hazel.  She's looking about 6 lbs, 2 or 3 oz., which puts her at the 46% (which is normal, it means she's neither too big nor too small).  Her head is down, and she's a little further down that she was, but that's not saying too much.  She was literally tight-rope walking on my ribcage!  So I have a little more breathing room and she's getting more into position, just not at the labor-is-imminent point yet.  Also, we determined from the ultrasound that she has hair!!!!  That is just the cutest thing to me, I can't get over it!  

I added some text to the photo because I know they can be hard to decipher, especially if you're not used to looking at these images.  It was so hard to get a photo of her, and this was the best we could do!  She was all curled up on her side with her hands really close to her chin, and the tech just managed to get a quick snapshot before she moved those hands back up under there.

On the flip side, I have a little not-as-awesome news.  Not bad news, just not awesome.
I tested positive for GBS, which is a naturally occurring bacteria that lives in the vagina.  It's totally normal, about 30% of women have it, and apparently causes no symptoms, infections, or anything gross with me.  It can, however, be dangerous for the baby; as she passes through on the way out she could pick it up and have a serious infection.  The good news is that all I have to do is have an antibiotic administered during labor, which is easy, and this usually takes care of the problem.  My midwife today said of all the cases with GBS in her 12 years of midwifery she's only had 1 infection in the baby, and the baby was fine in the end.  We do have to stay in the hospital for 48 hours afterward, which isn't a huge deal, but is kind of lame.

The other thing is that I have to be tested for preeclampsia.  I've been having headaches, nausea, and some pretty decent swelling, so the midwife ordered the test.  I'll know for sure really soon, on Thursday I think.  The cool thing about being this far along is that I get all the results for tests super fast, lol!  I'm sure it's nothing; the two major red flags, proteins in the urine and elevated BP, I don't have, but she wanted to check just in case.

**NO PREECLAMPSIA!  I knew it would be ok, and it was! **

As long as that test is fine Amos and I are headed to Ithaca for our anniversary this weekend!  We will have been married a whole year on Monday, the 28th.  I can hardly believe it!

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One thought on “Baby Update — Updated!!

  1. Good to hear that everything is going well for yo and the lil one! Since they told you that baby has hair, I hope that she does have quite a bit! They told me that Jenna would have hair, and well, she has a balding-mans-receding hair line! But I suppose that. yes, she does HAVE hair…just in the wrong spot for Mommy to add bows 😦

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