The Amos’s New Clothes

So after suffering through the stenciling on the onesies last week or so, I realized that I had made a crucial error when trying to utilize this form of image reproduction.  I used parchment paper instead of freezer paper to make the stencils. What's the big deal, you ask?  Freezer paper is thicker and has wax on one side, so you can cut out the stencil, then iron it to the fabric, which keeps it in place until the paint dries.  Parchment paper is super thin and wrinkles up when you slop paint all over it.  No wonder I had smudgy stencils!!!

Well not anymore!  I decided to make a shirt for Amos, since I'm almost out of maternity wear but not quite back into regular clothing.  He's always told me about this shirt he had which read, "Waylon F***ing Jennings, That's Who," that some crazy ex-girlfriend threw out while they were dating.  That has always sounded like the coolest shirt ever, so I decided to make Amos a new one!

What?  That's shocking!

I used gold paint to do the f-word and black for everything else.  I used this old photo of him to make the stencil for the front of the shirt.


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