A Time for Lovers

Our anniversary is today!  I'm so happy to be married to the man I love and about to have our first child together.  We really are lucky to have found one another; we are hardly alike, but complement one another very well.

We went to Ithaca to celebrate the special day and had a pretty nice, relaxing trip.  Originally we wanted to stay Saturday and Sunday nights, but unfortunately I couldn't make it that far.  We may have pushed it a little, going on vacation when I'm right at 38 weeks, so we decided to come home last night instead.  After all, we walked everywhere, and the thought of trekking through the forest to see waterfalls (which I really, really, wanted to do) made both of us a little leery that I could do it.  I have been very swollen – I can see it even in my face, though I think to most people it probably just looks like I've gained weight, and especially from the knees down – so walking most of the day, even slowly, eventually took its toll.  I was pretty upset about it, but we decided to just take it easy and plan to visit the lake and the waterfalls there next year with the baby, maybe even go camping.  Our hosts at the B&B were nice enough to give us a gift certificate for the night we paid for but didn't use, so maybe we can save it for next summer.

So!  On to the action!
Saturday morning we headed out on a leisurely path down to Ithaca.  I think it takes about an hour and 45 minutes or so to get there, but of course it took us longer.  We drove through the countryside instead of taking the highway, so we got to see a ton of small towns we've never been to before.  After breakfast at an adorable diner with commemorative & decorative plates covering 98% of the wall space, we made it to Ithaca.  Our check-in time wasn't until 3 pm, so we hit up the Commons first.  Ithaca's cute shops, cafes, etc. are mostly on the Commons, which is a brick pathway sort of contained within itself.  You have to park a block or so away and walk into the mix.  We were lucky and got free parking all weekend!  We had lunch at the Moosewood, which is a locally famous vegetarian place started by a Cornell student a decade ago.  After that we shopped some more, picked up a really awesome Nathanial Hawthorne story book for Hazel (printed in the 1800s – I adore old books like that) and found a cool cookbook for Amos.  

Then we checked into the B&B.  I have to tell you guys about this place.  If you know us then you know we like it kitschy.  To a ridiculous degree, I mean.  Over the top.  So when I found this place I knew we had to stay there, even though it was about 15-20 minutes 

outside of Ithaca.  It's called Turtle Dreams, run by a very free-spirited couple and their two little boys.  Our room was called the "Dreamin' Turtle."  The grounds were really beautiful, with a garden (where the veggies we had at breakfast were grown) and a Tipi campground.  We even got treated to a didgeridoo performance during breakfast!  Although the room was pretty tiny, which was kind of a big deal when your belt size is the Equator, as the kids say, the whole experience was different and totally worth the extra drive out there.  

After a dinner at Madeline's (fabulous appetizers, mediocre entrees) we grabbed a coffee at the ever-present Starbucks.  After I sang "Dancing Queen" with the gays that worked there we headed back to the B&B, where this preggo hit the sack like a ton of bricks.  Although we were going back that night, we wanted to spend most of the day in Ithaca.  Our hosts tipped us off to the farmer's market, which happened to also feature artists on this particular day, so we spent the morning there.  It was beautiful – tons of gorgeous produce, Cuban and Cambodian food, pottery, flowers, lemonade, art, everything I love about the grassroots, DIY sector of the demographic.  Plus it was on Cayuga Lake, so we got to see some boats and a few lovely ducks.  We found an amazing wood artist and purchased on of his bowls as a gift to ourselves.  

Corn at the Farmer's MarketFarmer's MarketRoses for Sale

After hitting up Mustard for lunch, which specializes in 'comfort food,' we strolled through the commons one more time before heading home.  On the way back we made a quick stop at this park on the water in Cazenovia; I am definitely going to make a special trip down there for a day or weekend.  The view of the lake was breathtaking, so relaxing and green.  Last night we schlepped in about 6.30, after which I took a shower and just laid down.  I can't overstate how exhausted this trip made me, but it was worth every ounce of expended energy.  We got to do what we do best; just pick a place, drive there however we want, do whatever we want, and head home when we're done.

I'm uploading all the photos I took right here, so feel free to go and check them out.  They aren't the best, technically, lots of noise, but there are some fun ones in there.

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2 thoughts on “A Time for Lovers

  1. Happy Anniversary! I am sorry to hear you were not able to make the entire weekend but I so understand being 37 weeks right now how you feel. It sounds like you did enjoy the time you had though.

  2. Thanks! We did have a good time, and today we've hung out together and had fun also; tonight I'm even going to have a little wine to celebrate!

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