Most Complicated Scarf I’ve Ever Made

Holy moly!  This week has been exhausting!  

Sadly, though, it's not because I have been out saving orphans, putting out fires, or adopting highways to clean.  I'm still just playing Holiday Inn to our finicky little guest, and this staff of one is just wore out because of it.  I'm staying off my feet a lot, as the swelling hasn't improved one iota, and basically I feel like I'm on self-enforced bed arrest.  I know, rest while you can, but for someone who's used to running around all the time it's nerve-racking!  She's due in only 10 DAYS though, can you believe it?!  As tired as I am of being pregnant, I'm very nervous about her coming out and being here and needing stuff.  Nervous but happy.  Last night I did attend a very entertaining, relaxing party, and I even stayed out until like 9:30 pm.  It's a record for this year!

So while shacked up in my bedroom I've been working on more knitting projects.  I have a couple in the works that are hush-hush, but I can show this one off because it was really tricky and Amos has already seen it.  I started this scarf last year; it was going to be a Christmas gift for someone, but then I kind of had a falling out with this guy, so I put the project aside until about a month ago.  Amos saw the barely started project and requested that I finish it, so even though these aren't the colors I would have chosen for him, behold his Christmas gift…the very popular among hip knitters Danica scarf!

It's knit using the Entrelac technique, which basically looks like knitted ropes that have been braided together.  This pattern called for changing the color every couple of blocks, and adding the accent color at random, which means I have about 80 thousand ends to weave in!  But it's so cool I don't care; I'll probably wear it as much as Amos, and we'll see if it actually makes it to Christmas.

Danica Close-UpDanica - 80K ends to weave in!!

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One thought on “Most Complicated Scarf I’ve Ever Made

  1. that is an awesome scarf…..and I can't believe it is only ten days…..i wish I could be there with you….i will call you this week sometime….what day will you have time to chat? love you girl, Amy

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