August 4th, or 5th, Maybe 6th

So, exciting news – I'm in early labor!!

After crazy backaches and sporadic contractions all day, Amos and I headed up to the hospital a few hours ago at the advisement of my doctor.  The nurse who checked me out said I'm dilated a fingertip and that I'll be back at the hospital probably tomorrow, maybe the next day.  My contractions are still random, something like 6 to 11 minutes apart, but definitely present.  I'm pretty calm though, excited about her coming into the world, kind of hungry, kind of nauseated, kind of restless (can't you tell from this rambly post??) lol.  

Right now I think I'm going to lay down, eat a bowl of Corn Pops, let my toenails dry, and start the countdown to 5 minutes apart.

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5 thoughts on “August 4th, or 5th, Maybe 6th

  1. Thanks for the good wishes!!! 😀 We are both excited but also strangely calm — I think the jitters will hit us after she's here, hopefully!!

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