Still Here…

We are still hanging in there…no more progress according to the doctor this morning, but definitely still having contractions & backaches.  My friend Jodi was sweet enough to photograph this preggo and try to work around the swollen face & legs.  This is just a preview, my favorite one ❤

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3 thoughts on “Still Here…

  1. I had no progress at 38w4d (only 1cm), and I was holding my baby at 39w0d. Apparently you can lose your mucus plug and have your water break at only 1cm.I thought pregnancy was one month too long. My midwife said it's just long enough. That last month makes the woman say, "I don't care how this baby gets out of me, just get her out!" If we didn't have the last month, we wouldn't be willing to go through labor. 😀

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