In the Meantime

I guess it's official – she is totally not making an appearance this week.  I feel fine, the doctor said I'm not dilated (even though the hospital nurse said I was), so I guess I need to stop feeling like I'm waiting for an alarm to go off.  Mainly I've been knitting.  The repetitive motions are relaxing and allow me to expel all that extra energy that I would be using jiggling my knees, plus I get either Christmas gifts or new stuff for me out of it!

Here's the latest, a very simple double yarn over scarf made with very pretty and very much on sale Debbie Mumm yarn from JoAnn's.  This is going to my little brother's girlfriend Leah for Christmas.  The colors are beautiful, and

 I think it will look good on her, so I'm giving it away even though I'm tempted to keep it!  I bought one skein too many, so I can't decide whether to make a matching hat or fingerless mitts, or maybe try for a baby sweater out of it…who knows??

I also got a big box of Villager things to photograph yesterday.  Seriously, I think there's maybe 17 little goodies in there.  Only five items were for the website, though; the others will be grouped together in a Christmas mailer which is going to be beautiful.  Seriously, the template is gorgeous.  Anyway, my favorite item was this bunny head pin from designer Kristin Lora.  She makes these great off-the-wall pieces that always grab my attention.  For this piece I just happened to have some beautiful, pale blue, wood grain paper, and I adore how the photos came out.  They make me want to buy the piece, and I'm the one who took the photos!!  

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One thought on “In the Meantime

  1. It sounds like we are in the same boat. I had my check up today and no dilation or anything. It was a major bummer but it is still early yet and I figure he needs more time to get ready. 🙂 Thinking of you! Hope you have a good and comfortable weekend!

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