This is what you get when you don’t have a pattern.

Ugh!  So I've been working on this project for a little while now…

This was going to be a baby gift for my friends Laura and Pete.  They decided to be surprised by the sex of the baby, but everyone knows the baby will be an Auburn fan (war eagle!), so I wanted to make them something in orange and blue instead of boring green or yellow or something.  The particular stitch I used is called trinity or blackberry stitch; it makes these little bobble things on the back side, making the back prettier than the front.  I wanted also to use a heavier yarn, since I figured they wouldn't get a lot of heavy blankets, being in Alabama, but baby could use something warmer if they wanted to tailgate outside all day or whatever.  So, I used a wool yarn, very thick, and knit a blue and an orange square together two times, then just sewed them up the middle.

Big mistake. HUGE mistake.

The damn yarn is so thick and heavy that when I made the seam tight it pulled in the middles, making the top and bottom into like a V shape.  I took the seam out and redid it looser, which looked ok laying flat – but when I picked it up I got this nasty surprise:
How do you like that????
So I can't bear to send it, even though I spent a couple of weeks (and more money than I would have had I been knitting for myself) on the damn thing.  Sometimes this kind of stuff happens when you're knitting, especially if, like me, you aren't so much into patterns.  Oh well – our daughter's got another goofy blanket on her hands, and their child will get something nicer and neater and made according to instructions!

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