Today’s the Day

Today is officially my due date.

And because I know that only 10% of women deliver on their due dates, I'm pretty sure that will not be happening today.

Every day for the past two weeks (and maybe the week before that, secretly) I have hoped and thought about going into labor.  We even had that great false alarm, and after that I was so convinced it would be the very next day…or the next one…or the one after that.  But here I am, baby still firmly ensconced in my ideal uterine environment, waiting it out.  That pins and needles feeling is gone for today, which is kind of nice and kind of sucky at the same time.  I do feel like I should get some cake and ice cream today, though.  Did anyone else feel that way, like you waited so long for this day and something should happen??

Actually I did get a little treat today in the mail!  Not cake and ice cream, but the new camera strap I ordered to protect the Nikon D80.  I bought one years ago for my Nikon 8700 and love it, so I got myself another one to match!  I ordered these from Heyday Fashion; her shop's a bit empty right now, as she just got back from maternity leave, but she makes some of the cutest things.  The black "funfetti," as it's called, is the new one and matches the pink funfetti one of years past.

Speaking of photography…
I am working on going completely freelance and setting up my own business.  I don't want to say too much yet, but it's in the works.  

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2 thoughts on “Today’s the Day

  1. I so know how you feel. My due date is not till Monday though so I am still hoping to go before. Sending you much labor vibes as I can. Have you discussed with your doctor what they will do now or how long they will let you go past? I think you should have cake and ice cream for making it to your due date 🙂

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