I am sick of the doctor.

We went in today for a non-stress test and a check-up.  Everything is fine with the baby; her heart rate is normal, she's still up kind of high but apparently nothing to stress over.  I am not dilated whatsoever but have effaced about as much as possible, so there you go.  What I am not thrilled about is talking inducement.  I really, really, REALLY  do not want to be induced or use any kind of hurry-it-up measures.  Also I feel like this is getting serious so quickly – I mean, I'm only one day overdue, and I thought the due date was a guess anyways!!  I'm perfectly happy to wait another two weeks.  I'm bored, impatient, but don't feel sick or even that uncomfortable.  Sure, I want the swelling to go away (did I mention that I am also retaining water in my torso, not just extremities???), I want to bend over, I want to wear my shoes and work out again, but I am absolutely fine with hanging out until she makes the first move.  This pregnancy has been a total breeze, with really no complications or even concerns, so I think she's fine but just taking her time.  

And so, to help keep me in good spirits, here's a list of Why I'm Still Happy to be Pregnant:

1.  Eating for two is still awesome and delicious.
2.  Amos is still willing to run out for a diet cream soda whenever I want him to.
3.  My maternity clothes aren't all crappy looking, so I can still look pretty decent.
4.  Getting traffic to stop so I can cross the street is easier than ever.
5.  I can still take naps and sleep 10 hours a night at the same time.
6.  I'm getting a lot of Christmas knitting out of the way!

Ok so it's a short list, but those are some high-quality items!  Especially #1.  And #5, since I seem to be either hungry or sleepy or both all day, everyday.  Speaking of, I conned Amos into making pizza again tonight, and into making it obscenely early at 5.30, so maybe I should go see if he needs any help with that in the kitchen…

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6 thoughts on “OB-GYugh!

  1. You are more patient than I was! I was not anxious at all to wait for Jenna to make the first move 🙂 Good Luck with your last few days…and enjoy all of the :eating for two". That, for me, was the first luxury to go after she was born 😦

  2. Being induced wasn't fun for me at all so I understand why you're not jumping for it ^__^ Enjoy these last days that you can feel her in your tummy (even if she stamps a bit hard…)That's the only thing I really miss of being pregnant (and I'm not going to do it ever again) the feeling of life in me. 🙂

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