So things are both hectic and the same.

My mom's in town until Sunday, which is cool.  It's a great excuse to shop around, plus she's always up for an afternoon nap, which is a bonus.  I mean, who likes to nap alone??

The bad news came from the doctor yesterday.  Apparently I'm still in no-man's-land with this child, with a cervix more tight-lipped than an old lady at a pride parade.  That means I've made no progress, with the bonus of not being able to induce this week either!  The doctor told me that it looked like the inducement wouldn't work to open the cervix, it would just really hurt me, and that my chances of a c-section would be greatly increased because of the failed/sluggish inducement.  I spent all last week gearing myself up for the totally artificial, extra painful inducement, only to have that option snatched away as well.  As you might imagine I'm pretty upset about it, but what are you going to do, right?  

The plan now is to have an ultrasound this morning to check the amniotic fluid and make sure she's still doing ok, then wait it out until Monday afternoon.  At that point they administer a hormone to get the cervix into a more workable condition, and Tuesday morning they would start the pitocin drip.  At that point we've waited just about as long as possible, so even if things are in the same shape as now we wouldn't risk her staying in there any longer.  

Did I mention the ultrasound tech estimates her weight at 8 lbs 3 oz?!?!!  That's TWO POUNDS extra in just like 3 weeks!!  If she had come out last week she might have only been 7 lbs!!!

I'm not happy at all with how things are going, but I'm trying to stay kind of positive.  After all, she's healthy, and plus I apparently have the strongest-willed cervix this side of the Mississippi.

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6 thoughts on “Sigh

  1. "After all, she's healthy, and plus I apparently have the strongest-willed cervix this side of the Mississippi."
    I'll keep my fingers crossed for you, Laura!!! I don't know what to even say about the super cervix but I'm happy she's healthy (and you are, too) and I hope she decides to make her grand appearance all on her own.
    Being your daughter, she will be nothing if not a free spirit, and definitely free-willed. 😉
    I'll be thinking of you. 🙂

  2. You got yourself a stubborn little girl! I have been induced 3 out of 4 of pregnancies, and by far, this last time was the easiest. Like you, I was scared of the super-contractions you get from pictocin, so we opted for the much milder cervigel (sp?) Jenna was born after just 2 applications of the gel – no pictocin at all. It was a very smooth delivery. Sometimes all the cervix needs is a push in the right direction! Try to keep patient and think labor-causing thoughts!

  3. Thanks Rich! I know, if she's anything like me she'll wait until the last possible second before we force her out to make her debut! I should have known 🙂

  4. I've heard that weight estimates done by ultrasound can be off by a pound or more. So don't freak out about the weight yet.Hope the baby decides to make an appearance pre-inducement, but if she doesn't, hope the inducement goes well.

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