9 am

We have kind of a schedule already.  Here's how it goes…

Every night around 10:30 I feed Hazel for about an hour, then I go to sleep.  Amos stays up with her until about 1:30, which she spends either crying or being kind of fussy.  We do a diaper change, I feed her, and then she sleeps until 5:30, where we do it all again.  I let Amos sleep through this one usually because he gets up to go to work soon afterwards.  Then baby and I sleep until 8:30, when we do another repeat, and then I take a shower and she just hangs out until about 10:30 or 11.  I love this time; she's awake and quiet and usually gets the hiccups, which doesn't bother her at all and that is seriously cute.  The rest of the day is up in the air, but around 10:30 pm she starts settling in to her routine.  I'm just amazed that we are already doing that – she's so young! 

Anyway I took a few snaps of her today while she was hanging out – enjoy!

Sleepy!Cute FaceHanging out with Momma

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