Everything Changes

Things are different with a baby.

For example, say you want to go to the coffee shop on the corner to grab a quick decaf and then come back home.  What normally would have taken 10 minutes now takes 2 and a half hours.  Why?  You have to feed baby girl, change her diaper, get dressed, make sure your boobs aren't leaking through your shirt, change her diaper again, load her in the carrier, calm her down when she wakes up screaming, make sure you are holding your keys since you can't really wear your messenger-style purse and the baby carrier (bag lady, seriously) and then leave.  Once you're outside you have to stop for every stranger and not-stranger and tell them your entire birth story before you can move on and you have to take the time to unstick baby girl's face from your chest where your combined sweat is gluing her cheeks.

But I kind of like it ❤
Plus I like to think that this extended time indoors is seriously reducing my risk for liver spots and various skin cancers.

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3 thoughts on “Everything Changes

  1. I know exactly what you mean. I rarely left the house the first six months of Lola's life because of all the stuff you had to lug around with you. It'll get better and plus you are right about the liver spots, etc. hahahaha!!!!! I'll call you Sunday to check how the weeks been…luv, Amy

  2. You need to get out of the house as often as possible! What I do is I keep a stocked diaper bag. I always have 4-5 diapers, 2 undershirts, 2 prs of jammies and enough wipes to clean my car! When I need to leave the house, it takes me only 10 minutes. I get the older two kids moving (they are the slowest creatures on Gods green earth) and then I get Alix (4) to start putting her shoes on. By the time she is done the baby is changed and in her car seat – ready to go. If Jenna wakes up while I am getting her ready, I just let her fuss (she really doesn't cry) until we get where we are going (that is if it is a 10 minute or less drive). I can always feed her when we get there!You'll get the hang of the Out-of-the house Mommy stuff! I promise! In a months time, you'll be an old pro at this stuff!Have you had the strangers come up to you and ask you to smell the baby?? I have had so SO many people stop me along the way to ask it they could just smell Jenna! To me, that's weird…but when I was mentioing it to my older sister, she told me that SHE was a baby-smeller…

  3. If anyone asks to smell my baby I will definitely run away. That is so creepy!!! I can kind of understand wanting to, but I would NEVER ask a stranger that.

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