Should I Feel Badly about This?

Last night I was nursing Hazel and still eating my dinner with the other hand.  I had picked up this delicious apple-cinnamon muffin and was having that for dessert.  After we were done, and she was awake for once, I put her in the bouncy seat beside Amos, who was working at his desk, while I went off to take a bath.

Moments later I hear Amos yell, "Ewww!  That is so gross!!!" from the back room.  I'm thinking Hazel had a blow-out or something, but no.  He comes laughing into the bathroom to tell me that our darling girl had a piece of muffin in her ear.

I can't decide if I should be laughing or crying!  It was just one piece, and she definitely doesn't have anything else in there…I mean, it is kind of funny.  But also a little embarrassing too 🙂

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