New Scarf!

This little girl needed something to keep out the cold!!!

I was knitting this scarf to be adult-sized, but the lace pattern, while pretty, was starting to really get on my nerves.  I had knitted maybe two feet and decided today that it was now a baby scarf!  I added that cool button on one end, and since this is a lace scarf I can button it anywhere, making it the ultimate in adjustable winterwear.  

She is feeling a little better, I guess.  We had no more incidences with the bulb syringe, so that was awesome (for us both).  Hopefully we can ward off future colds with her new scarf 😉

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3 thoughts on “New Scarf!

  1. She looks so alert because about 2 seconds after I took this photo she started to wail!! 😉 She does already look different, I agree with you. She's losing a little of that newborn-ness, which is exciting and sad a bit.

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