Four Weeks

How can things be happening so quickly?

She's already a month old.  It's unbelievable!!  But I can tell she has made some serious progress.  She focuses on our faces now, will quiet down and sometimes even turn her head if we shake a rattle near her face, and has active alert periods where she interacts with us in her own 1-minute attention span sort of way.  I found out that if she's crying and I brush her face with my hair she'll stop, and she loves to be sat up and bounced on my knee.  

Today we got out of the house for our first real outing.  Hazel and I have been to the doctor together and have driven Amos to work, but that constitutes the extent of me + Hazel + the car.  Today, however, we went to my friend Carrie's house and hung out with her and her almost 1-year-old Emma.  I had a very fun, relaxing time, but was also humbled by the experience.  Getting around with a small baby isn't just hard because you have to drag their whole boudoir with you; I had to basically shanghai all Emma's furniture and even borrow some of her clothes to keep Hazel dry & un-naked.  It's hard to explain, this neediness.  I was prepared, too.  I had a back-up onesie, hat, and socks, plus plastic bags to put her dirty clothes in, wipes, diapers, the whole thing – but in my preparations I didn't think needing a back-up back-up would ever happen, not for just a small trip at least.  It's going to take some getting used to.

Tonight after another day of napping Hazel was awake for a few happy hours, so she and Momma played around with the camera a bit.  Happy 1-Month Birthday kid!!

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6 thoughts on “Four Weeks

  1. I think all your comments since she was born say something about how cute she is and how you can't wait to visit again 😉 But you're right on both counts! I've been telling her that Nana is coming, so she'll be ready for you!

  2. What a little doll! And yep, those blow-out diapers always happen when Mommy is NOT expecting it! Jenna first out (a party on the way home from the hospital) – I had the diaper off and was putting the other one on when she peed (and it SHOT out of her!!) all over me, her and the Auntie! I had no back-ups in my bag.It was a great party…

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