Another First – and a Tiny Surprise

Yesterday we had a *big* first – first time with a babysitter!

I had to go to my 6-week postpartum appointment yesterday, which posed a slight problem.  See, we went for an awesome, cost-effective convertible car seat that she will use up until she's about 2 years old.  So we don't have a heavy yet somewhat convenient carrier for the baby.  Mostly I tote her around in the ring sling, which I adore and usually works.  It wouldn't work, however, whilst I'm lying down with the midwife checking out my business.  So my bud Carrie offered to let Hazel hang at her house!  I was totally relieved – Hazel's first time with someone not in the family was smooth, worry-free for me, and relaxing for her.  Carrie said she did a great job and even had 2 bottles (baby is going through a growth spurt!!), and I only went over all the extra clothes, bottles, toys, and phone numbers one time with Carrie.  

Also I have a bit of news…
I'm officially Laura A. Confer now.  Yep, I decided right before the baby was born that I didn't want to be the odd man out, the midget on the basketball team.  Already Amos and I have encountered people asking are we already married, am I the "real mother," and it's just so upsetting and appalling for me.  I don't want to live with it, so for my own peace of mind I changed my name on Friday.  I think if we had never had children it would never have bothered me…I don't like people assuming I'm a stepmother or something, though.  So there you go – I'm Mrs. Confer now, but not Mrs. Bill Confer.  I'm still a feminist, you know!  ;)

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