My head is killing me.

That aside, this week after Momma left wasn't all that exciting.  Hazel had been running a little fever on Monday night/Tuesday, which went away, but was followed by a little diarrhea.  As such she and I spent the few days after Mom left going to the doctor, calling the doctor, or staying inside away from people and all their nasty germs.  She's 100% better now and got to try Pedialyte, which she likes but is nasty if you ask me!  

So we've been laying low.  I just haven't felt myself lately, and so I've been hanging out by myself or just staying with the baby and not taking any trips alone (Amos routinely lets me go to Target, or to the gym, by myself after he gets home).  I hope this week things are different.

I do know that I have to hit up the DMV sometime this week.  I got my new SS card in the mail, so now I'm driving around illegally with my old license, which I think is a no-no.  Whatever!  I have to wait until a day where my hair looks amazing and I have enough time to do my make-up, because I can't handle another hideous driver's photo. 😉

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