Oh Tummy Time

How Hazel hates thee.

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6 thoughts on “Oh Tummy Time

  1. These pics are sooooo cute…even though she is crying!! I also love the handmade sea creature. You need to send me some of your creative vibes. You have enough to share with little 'ol me. Love!!!

  2. Aww, she is getting so big! She will love tummy time in the future! All of my kids hated it until they were about 4 months old – and then it became fun!

  3. Henry hates tummy time too. I let Daddy do it with him as I feel bad and flip him over. Has she rolled over on her own yet? Henry gets so mad he pushes himself over and then screams louder as I think it startles him.

  4. She has! Two times! The first time was basically an accident, I think, but last night Amos and I were both startled to look over and just see her on her back. It was crazy – she never even had a break in the crying!

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