Speed Racer!!

This is unbelievable!!

Our girl Hazel gets tummy time every night to build up those Popeye muscles.  We usually put her on a folded up quilt behind our two desks and let her squirm and cry it out.  As documented previously, Hazel does not enjoy tummy time.  She's started scooting around, mainly because she kicks her legs out and her feet will sometimes gain purchase against the floor and propel her forward.  Well lately we've noticed that she's become a bit more…muscular.

Ignore the crappy snapshot…I just had to document this girl's crazy adventures.  She's been crying on the floor for maybe 5-10 minutes, and since she was loud neither Amos nor myself paid much attention.  We just looked around to see that!  Notice the purple peeking out from underneath the blanket?  That's because not only did she scoot all the way under the table, but she also scooted right out of her pants!

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