Knitting and Nursing

I sit in my armchair nursing Hazel.  A LOT.

Since I have guarenteed chill time for hours everyday, and because I'm a compulsive multitasker, I usually try to knit something while I'm hanging out with her.  I chose this pinwheel blanket because of its simplicity and because I could use up some of the baby yarn in my stash which would otherwise just be donated somewhere else.  Also I got to learn how to make a ruffle with this blanket, which is totally addictive though time consuming; I went from 350 stitches to 1400 in just three rows to make the ruffle.  It took me over 2 hours to bind off on this project, but it's worth it because the ruffle is so freaking cute!

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3 thoughts on “Knitting and Nursing

  1. that is beautiful! I'm not much of a knitter (I've made some square dishcloths and that's it), but I know how much work that is. You are making better use of your nursing time than I am. I tend to read stuff online via my cell phone. 🙂

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