Hazel’s First Halloween!!

We had major plans for the butterbean's first Halloween.  I made her costume about a month ago and have been dying to post a picture of it, but somehow found the willpower to restrain myself.  So, I present Hazel the Meatball!!

We went out and visited places on the green, then came back and sat outside to hand out candy.  Hazel lasted maybe five minutes and then passed completely out.  She woke up in time for the parade, which is when all the kids/parents walk down the street in their costumes flanked by fire trucks playing scary music.  She was really into the flashing fire engine lights!  Here are a few more photos of my cutie in her costume.

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5 thoughts on “Hazel’s First Halloween!!

  1. You realize that Hazel will now have the nickname "Meatball" for life, right? That costume is so adorable! The parade sounds really fun.Flora didn't get a costume, but did help me hand out candy for awhile. She was asleep in her wrap for the first half of the festivities and didn't steal any treats.

  2. I went trick or treating with a wonderful Batman (TJ) and a tough army man (Jesse) and had fun, but I also thought of my little meatball, and wished she were here…Jesse quickly got "into" walking up to people and getting free treats!
    Hazel looks absolutely adorable! You did a good job on the knitting, too.
    That is the sweetest meatball Nana ever saw!
    Love ya'll

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