I’m so Bored I’m Boring Myself

I know, how can any adult claim to be bored?  Especially one with a new baby that requires 88 000% of my attention? It's easy, actually, because I just claimed it.

Despite the obvious time and dedication taking care of Hazel requires, which is most definitely a 24/7 type of job, I have gotten a surprising amount of stuff done.  Since she's been born I've knitted a blanket, a baby sweater, two  scarves, two hats, a meatball costume, and I'm working on another blanket.  I've screen printed on onesies, made new recipes, and sewed a felt cake.  Almost all our Christmas gifts are catalogued, bought, wrapped, and boxed in the appropriate mailing containers.  I reorganized our budget and bought & set up a bookcase for the baby.  I've cleaned out two storage closets, plus went through and donated a ton of my clothes and shoes, then boxed up the maternity wear for the next go-round, whenever that will be.  I keep a postpartum journal and a baby journal, plus have a scrapbook for her.  I also take, edit, print, send out, and upload way more baby photos than maybe I should.  I've read a few books on motherhood, feminist theory, and reread every Jennifer Weiner book ever written.  

How can I be bored, you might ask?  Doing all that stuff is partly fun, definitely fulfilling, but it's pretty mundane.  I guess I'm so used to being super crazy busy that the last two years have been just…lame.  Limp.  Laissez-faire.  I'm very happy that I got married and had a baby in that time, but I feel derailed as far as my career and creative avenues are concerned.  Amos was saying that as you get older you're more likely to feel that way, which makes sense – if you go for a family your career will naturally lag for a while, and vice versa.  

Also I really miss my family and friends that feel like family.  I mean, I missed you guys before I had the baby and all, but I just couldn't imagine how difficult it would be after I had her.  Anyone who's moved away from home will understand what I'm saying.

Now that I've gotten all that off my chest I feel better!!  I've been trying this ridiculously New Age positive thinking thing, and I think it's helping.  Well maybe, I'll let you know.

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2 thoughts on “I’m so Bored I’m Boring Myself

  1. I loved this post, basically because I love to get a grand amount of things done, in what seems like an impossible amount of time. I love the journal idea and that you scrapbook like me, you will never regret any of these things. Sounds like you are not used to the lull, but enjoy it you will be busy again really soon.

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