Baby Milestones

Hazel is growing up so fast y'all.  It is just ridiculous!  She is 11 weeks old tomorrow.  It seems like she's been here forever and not at all, all at the same time.  She can hold up her head fantastically now, even pushing herself up on her arms when she's on her stomach.  She's wearing 6 month sized pants because she's so tall, and all her NB sized stuff is just crazy looking on her, if it even still fits on her.  She sleeps all night, smiles all the time, and is getting really vocal with cooing and squealing.  She also splashes in the tub!!  Adorable.

Today we tried out the umbrella stroller for the first time.  That's the one, for you kids without kids, that is small and lightweight versus those montrosities with cupholders and shelves you see people wheeling around the mall.  We had to wait until she was able to hold up her head very well, and since today I was bored inside and she was fussy if I set her down, we tried it out by walking to the library.  I had that kid so bundled up it was hilarious.  She had on a long-sleeved onesie, thick double-lined pants, socks, boots, a knit sweater, and a knit hat, plus she was covered with a chenille blanket.  She was set, lol!  But it was flurrying (is that a word?) when we were out, so I wanted to make sure she was warm.  Hazel seemed to love the weather, or at least not mind, because she was quiet the whole time, even all through the library.  She fell asleep on the way back, though.

And here's a bonus photo from the weekend.  This is just what Amos does, I guess, with the baby when he thinks I'm not looking.  

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