Christmas Come Early!

You might not know this, but I look forward to Christmas as much as a six-year-old.  I love the lights, the tree, the buying and wrapping of the gifts, the eggnog.  Tinsel, angels, gingerbread, all that stuff gets my blood pumping.  I've already taken Hazel to Target just so she could see the twinkly Christmas tree display (so far it's the only one up, except probably Wal-Mart, but you know I refuse to shop there).  I have bought all the gifts I'm going to, I'm finishing up with knitting a few, and almost all of them are wrapped up and ready to ship out to the respective family homes.  I just can't wait to put our tree up, and I'm thinking I'll bully Amos into doing that this weekend.

The best part is that this is Hazel's first Christmas!!!  I am DYING to buy her a "first Christmas" outfit, and I bet I'll cave in the next time we go to the store.  Or the next 4 times, I don't know.  We have to get her a stocking, stocking holder, and a special ornament.  I want to wait until all the good stuff is in the stores, but I'm finding it difficult.

So I decided I would post about it and go ahead and decorate what I could – my vox blog – as Christmasy as I want it to be!  :)

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