Soft, Warm Things for the Winter

I just finished this ribbed baby cardigan for Hazel.  A few weeks ago I picked up this gorgeous, soft, pale green yarn on sale (remember, Momma?) and knew I wanted to make something for Hazel with it.  I found this sweet and easy pattern, and this was the result.

I had to adjust the pattern to accommodate the bulkier yarn, but I think this will be able to fit her all through the winter.  When she wakes up we'll have a mini-fashion show and I'll post of photo of her wearing it.  After making tons of baby things, most of which I won't post photos of just yet since they are Christmas gifts, I'm ready to go in the complete & total opposite direction – I'm knitting a bathmat!  Yep, I'm using three strands of cotton yarn (durable, absorbent) and knitting a rug.  This thing is knit on size 15 needles, pretty huge, so I should be done with it in a day or two.  

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4 thoughts on “Soft, Warm Things for the Winter

  1. Yes, I do remember! I thought that was the same yarn…How pretty it turned out! You have a real talent…I could never knit!
    (Too clumsy)
    Can't wait to see it on the gorgeous model!

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