Busy Holidays!!

I have been running around like a little whirling dervish lately, doing all kinds of things to get ready for the holidays.  I've been putting ol' Amos to work too (and if Hazel could work, I'd be setting her to it too!!).  

Last weekend we cleaned the front two rooms from top to bottom, sweeping behind furniture, cleaning all the cabinets, and I rearranged the living room.  I just like the house to be clean when we celebrate anything, even if it will only be the two of us.  I put up our tree earlier last week, and it looks great in our little corner.

Today has been my favorite kind of day – productive and still fun.  We slept in, had coffee while Amos worked on a homework assignment, then strolled through the village like tourists, taking in everything like it was brand-new to our eyes.  We picked out a gorgeous heirloom stocking for Hazel, which I had been eyeing in a store window for a couple of weeks, and chose a few stocking stuffers for everyone.  After a quiet lunch at Nola's we headed back home, and now Hazel's napping while Amos does the dishes.  After I finish up with laundry & a few other little things I'm going to make peppermint bark, pay the bills, get a few photos printed, make dinner, and check out this new knitting group I found in Rome.  See what I mean – busy, but fun!!

Yesterday we hung out with Carrie and Sarah.  She was sweet enough to lend us this Bumbo seat for Hazel!  Now Hazel can sit up and see what's going on, instead of laying down in the bouncy seat (I think the bouncy seat's days are numbered).

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One thought on “Busy Holidays!!

  1. What a pretty Christmas picture…I love Christmas!
    And look at our Miss Hazel! She looks like a "big girl" sitting up in that chair. How did she react to the decorated tree?
    I can't wait til our Christmastime!
    Love ya'll,

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